One of the major issues for HOLJ was transporting the kids to appointments and other places.  The kids can walk most places, but in the rainy season and in emergencies a vehicle was needed.  Plus, it allows the staff to do the things they need to do to maintain the center. The desire is to purchase a mini bus to accomidate all 30 children at one time. 


Giving  thanks for the new vehicle!


Providing a good living space is a major priority for the Center. Through the generosity of our Supporters, we are in the process of constructing a new facility. As you can see the house is almost complete however we are still in need of some essetional in order for the house to be complete such as flooring ($2,000), water ($3,000), electricity ($600) and paint ($300).   



23 kids were sleeping in 2 very small rooms with all of their clothing and possessions.  The rooms were located inside the church behind tin walls.