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General Care and Welfare

We fill the mandate of the Lord to care for the kids in every aspect of life. We know they must have the basics:
food and medical care.

Our goal is to provide for the overall care of the kids including food, clothing, and supplies. We also provide salaries for the staff.


We provide full and balanced meals for the children and staff.  We have watched our kids go from praying they had one meal per day, to children who are thriving knowing they have 2-3 meals per day.  Meat is still a rarity, but we ensure they have some on special holidays.  


Consistently providing clothes for growing kids can be challenging.  We provide general clothing as well as school uniforms for every child. The school uniform will vary depending upon the age and grade at school. Those in vocational school wear street clothes daily.  Typically, we have been able to provide each child with a uniform and one set of regular clothing with shoes each year. As the kids are rapidly growing with proper nutrition, we are needing to provide shoes and clothing more often. 

Medical Care:

With so many children, there are times when one is not feeling well or has injured him/herself in some way. In addition,
Malaria is a constant danger for our kids. We cover all medical expenses as it relates to at-home medical supplies
and doctor visits. 

Total Estimated Monthly Costs:  $250

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