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Betty Mukasa

Betty Mukasa always wanted to help orphaned and destitute children.  The leadership of Rhema Church fully supported her desire, but the timing was critical.  She did not know how or when this would happen.  The desire became a burden to Betty, but she knew she didn’t have the resources to provide and support the children.  She waited and trusted the Lord.


A local pastor approached the leader of Rhema church and told him that he had an orphanage but needed support.  Through a series of circumstances, Betty and Rhema Church ended up starting their own orphanage.  They initially had international support who provided resources for beds and clothes. Hands of Love and Joy started with 54 children.  Once learning of the number of kids, the initial supporters backed out. This was disappointing, but Betty was full of faith.


The church turned to God and prayed.  They felt the Lord reassurance that He would provide.  Betty gave up her home and moved into the church to care for the kids. The church also helped as much as it could, but the people had little. Though it was hard, they persevered.


Having met Belinda Williams and Juanita Cox with Daughters of Virtue Ministries (DOV) back in 2000, the then leader of the church contacted Belinda for advice and counsel.  After hearing about the kids, Belinda and Juanita visited Uganda and the orphanage and immediately felt the love of God over the children.  Daughters of Virtue Ministries agreed to partner with Betty and Rhema Church in care and support of the kids. Amid the pandemic of 2020, Betty and the kids were left on their own by the leader of Rhema Church.  DOV stepped in to assume full responsibility for the orphanage and the wellbeing of the children. 

Psalms 82:3(NLT)

Give justice to the poor and the orphan; uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute.

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