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It is our belief that education is paramount for the successful future of any nation. We know that the children of HOLJ are the future of Uganda and perhaps, the world.  We are committed to educating and developing the spiritual and natural minds of the kids. The kids also take their education very seriously.  We want them to grow into exactly who the Lord created them to be in their lives and careers. 


The ages of the children of HOLJ span from 5-20 years and covers educational levels that include primary, secondary, and vocational training.  The older students who are near graduation are transferred to the vocational school as they prepare to graduate.  This allows them to receive specific career training in areas of interest (i.e., plumbing, nursing, electrician, etc.).  For all students, we cover tuition and all expenses related to books, materials, supplies and uniforms.

Total Estimated Monthly Costs: $6200

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