Pastor Charles and Betty Mukasa always wanted to help orphaned and destitute children. The church fully supported their desire, but timing was critical. They did not know how or when this would happen. The desire became a burden to Charles and Betty, but they could not allow themselves to get involved without the proper resources to provide and support the children. They dreamt of the day when they would everything needed to take care of the kids. That day never arrived.

                                                        Pastor Charles was headed to another country for ministry and fellowship with friends. Before he left,  one of the local Ugandan Pastors came to visit him. This Pastor, who had an orphanage, requested that Pastor Charles take a video with him to solicit support for the orphanage. Charles hesitated, but finally agreed to discuss the matter with the men who had invited him to their country.  

     The men Charles met with viewed the video and declared they would not support the orphanage unless Charles was involved. They wanted the orphanage switched to become Charles' responsibility. Charles refused to steal his friend's orphanage. The group then convinced Charles to start his own orphanage with their full commitment of financial sponsorship and support. They immediately gave him money for beds and clothes.


     Upon returning to Uganda, Pastor Charles begin the daunting task of starting the orphanage.  During the initial screening, 100 kids with their guardians turned up.  Through careful screening, they accepted 54 kids. The kids were divided into two groups since Charles and Betty knew they could not provide food and sleeping quarters for all of the kids. Some of the kids would live with Charles and Betty and the others would live with their guardians.  After getting everything established, Charles notified the sponsors of their progress and the number of kids for whom they were now providing care.  


      The same group that pushed Charles to start the orphanage then backed out suggesting he had moved too fast and accepted too many kids. This was heart breaking news for Charles and Betty.  In their faith, they turned to God and He reassured them this was the right time and that He was going to provide for them according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus.  Charles and Betty gave up their home and moved into the church with the kids so that the money they used for their personal housing could be used for the care and support of the kids.  They also sold part of the church land and their car.  Though it was hard, they persevered.


     Having met Belinda Williams and Juanita Cox with Daughters of Virtue Ministries back in 2000, Charles contacted Belinda for advice and counsel.  They decided to partner DOV with the orphanage for the kids care and support.  It is a blooming and beautiful partnership and all of Uganda is blessed by the love and care being shown to these kids.


Pastor Charles & Betty Mukasa

Psalms 82:3(NLT)

3“Give justice to the poor and the orphan; uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute.